Chia Top Farmer

Hello everyone!

it seems like almost 40% of the net belongs to first farmer and actually 60% of daily increase comes from top1 farmer. Well, I’m wondering if it is possible to reach by him some kind of level, where it won’t be profitable to increase size of his farm, because it seems like he can do it to the infinite :smiley:

The bad thing about that is the stability of the network. If the majority of the plots are ran by one organization then the stability of the blockchain itself would be highly depending on that organization. That will need to change for Chia to become a trusted coin. At least that is my view of it.

Over time, I think this will change. More and more small farmers will join and more and more big players will emerge.


The biggest farmer is a scetchy chinese pool. I have hopes that when official pools are available that a lot of people move away from hpool to a real pool and therefore make the netspace more distributed… If they don’t and keep growing they will soon reach “critical mass” (more than 50%) and thats game over for chia (imho)

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Your comment is interesting but the pool feature will need new plots. I am not sure that the currently hpool size will reduce with people moving out. That would be interesting to see the movement.

Thats my main concern too. I do not see why anyone would want to move away from hpool at the cost of re-plotting. But maybe they will stop growing so fast because there wont be any new people joining…

Or the big fear is actually realized and hpool (or other large unofficial pool) cuts and runs. Leaving a huge portion of the network offline. All the members would have to re-plot or call it a day. I bet that will happen at some scale when the official pools start up.

I think of it another way … the plots are bound to the address so if the pool does a dirty then it is possible to make a consensus decision to bar that pool/address from further rewards. Yes it would effectively be a fork but all those plots would then be useless.

It is far better for the pool operators to be honest enough to remain, even as further participants migrate to “safer” pools - hopefully the share taken by that pool will start to vector downwards once safer pools emerge

The faster competitive safe pools emerge, the better it is - the larger the share that pool has, the riskier it is

Didn’t know that was possible. To bar an address. Did this happened before with other coins?

Right now we would be able to do so but we will not be able to anymore when they keep growing like they actually do

Network grow so fast, that small farmer cant plot so fast plots. Also HDD prise go UP very soon, in my contry i cant find HDDs over 6TB any more.