Chia transaction fee

Hello guys,

Im trying to figure out what to put in the fee input to send chia from the GUI to a exchange

Can any1 throw me some light about this ?

Thanks in advance!

0 should work for now.


I tried zero but it has been about 1 hour that the chain confirmed the operation but is not in my other wallet yet.

Anyone in the same situation?

I think you may need to wait longer than 1 hour?

I am still waiting. Not sure for how long.

@lcc is the wallet synced? i’ve just moved my xch to secondary wallet with 0 fees instantly.

Just saw It is not synced. I have two private keys in my computer and sent chia from one to another. One says it is synced and the other is not synced. Strange.

if you just created the second wallet you need to wait some time until it’s synced to the blocks height were transactions were confirmed, otherwise you won’t see the balance… however, don’t worry about that, if transactions are confirmed everything is fine.