Chia transaction history in full

What is the easiest way to download a full history of XCH transactions for a given receive address?

I am trying to do tax accounts and this would be very useful. Chiaexplorer can give me some detail but going back a full 12 months will be slow and painful.

Any ideas?

Check with your pool. Some have this option.

If you’re on Linux, you can use this tool by another forum member.

Tool to create list of Transactions for Linux Farmer

Similar things have been posted around here and other places. If your pool doesn’t have options for enumerating transactions, a tool like this is probably the next best thing.

Hi. Thanks for posting a link to this. I ended up changing the name but the link still works. The latest link is XCH Transaction Extractor : getxchtx It only works for Linux at the moment. I am working on porting it to Powershell for Windows also.

This works by extracting transactions right from your wallet db. It will create a big extract file, save as json and then loop/parse through that to build a CSV file. I’ve added a bunch of command options for different settings. Let me know what you think, I’d like to hear.


I re-linked the thread so the forum didn’t auto-display the first post with the old project.

Great to know a Windows version may be available soon too. I don’t have a need for such a tool (yet), so I didn’t test it but browsed the code a bit when I saw you share it the other day. Very nice work and it looks like it has all the options to get the job done!

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