Chia upgrade 120TB on my Chia Farm :)

Hey Team I upgraded and already filled up my new 120TB of plots, hope you enjoy the upgrade video :slight_smile:

120 TB Upgrade of my Chia Farm :slight_smile:


In retrospect, would you choose to get a slightly deeper chassis? Cable management seemed quite constricted.

I noticed the middle cage had no fan in it. Howโ€™s temperature on those drives?

Why did you have to tape the 3.3v pin on SATA? I have some WD Gold drives and they worked with my Corsair RM850 psu. Though never used a shucked drive, so I didnโ€™t actually check whether WD Gold has this pin.

I think keeping a GPU in that system (presuming for mining) is a bit janky, because you will have more than one reason to have to take the entire thing out of the rack for maintenance.

I didnt design this server for HDDs It was a GPU mining rig converted to a Chia server :slight_smile:

I really like the video,
the system not so much :wink:
Looking forward for ur next video, where u split it into 2 or more systems :slight_smile:

Well youโ€™re in luck! I literally just posted the completed part 2!

Actually the 120tb upgrade is done Iโ€™m not touching that server BUT here is part 2 of the separating into a new server for expansion

Storage server upgrade part 1

CHIA Storage server upgrade Pt 2: Iceman takes flight!

Glad you enjoyed it, as I was doing this, I received my 6x14TB drives as well my viper motherboard server but the dust, so not a shortage of videos to show you guys

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