Chia v: 1.3 windows has a big issue

When I saw the new version 1.3 I installed immediately. However when the GUI started I clicked on pool. What I saw was a disaster. 3 of the 5 NFT s had no pool addresses as if plots were harvesting solo!? When I tried to change pool address gui returned error message. I opened the config.yaml and saw that new gui deleted some info from the config file. I manually edited the file adding pool addresses and reinstalled v:1.2.11. Now I have no issue.

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I went back to old version 1.2.12 fixed in config.yaml the andress and now I have no issue

I lost half a day of farming

old version is 1.2.11 sorry!

Hello Ksevin,

I have seen countless windows updates plainly destroying working IT environments. For this reason, if you enter a company with an IT Department, you will most likely never find software/servers on the lastest release. I can only recommend to stay at lease one version behind. Or, if an update is rolled out, wait some weeks until the dust is settled and the release is proven stable with no major bugs.

Especially for Major releases you will likely find some emergency patches/bugfixes in the upcoming days. And then maybe even bugfixes for the bugfixes.

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I always run new releases on other machines first and always have backup to jump back when needed.


You are very correct. I took my lesson with a minimal loss. So I will be patient to upgrade to a new version. Thank you. :upside_down_face:

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I have the same issue. After upgrade 1 of my systems showed me as solo pooling. I changed it back to spacepool but it didn’t complete. Need to downgrade