Chia v1.1.3 Released

Looks like a lot of cleanup/performance improvements ahead of Transactions launch on Monday.

This is interesting though:

If a proof of space lookup takes longer than 5 seconds we will now log an error at WARNING level.


Confirmed :+1: (cc @codinghorror)


Wow, under 5 seconds? I need to get my farmer and my plots on the same switch asap.

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Just right in time! :smiley: Setting up an ARM node and sync on 1.1.2 was taking a looong time. With 1.1.3, the speedup is visible (or a placebo :man_shrugging:)

btw latest branch still hasn’t been updated, watch out for that.

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Until this release I was farming on Windows 10 upstairs over a mesh wifi network to my 2 NAS downstairs… response times were ~5-6s lately.

I basically stopped farming all day in order to sync a full node downstairs on the same switch as the NAS boxes, on an Ubuntu machine that is plotting. Times are now under a half second!


Well, that worked. At 3am my new node fully sync’d, and a couple hours later I won my first block! (571 plots at the time)

I still have ~20 minute clusters of slow response times, when the farmer is copying new plots… I will look at the remote harvester per NAS option.