Chia version 1.3.4

I have installed chia gui windows 1.3.4 with no issues. Gui loading is a little faster. New menu and icons, settings and info links.


check this out -

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For me, 1.3.4 on Windows feels very sluggish and sometimes hang when switching between tabs…say from Farming to Plots. Sometimes, I’ll get a connecting to Daemon error. Anyone else experiencing this?

I’ve had similar issues to you on Ubuntu, GUI very slow when switching to farming tab and back to full node. I see a big CPU spike. I’ve also had it show as disconnected but still in synch and submitting partials to the pool.

Seeing a lot of these errors in the log too which I think are related to gui losing connection to the chia daemon.

full_node asyncio : ERROR Task exception was never retrieved
future: <Task finished name=‘Task-xxxxxxx’ coro=<RpcServer._state_changed() done, defined at chia/rpc/> exception=ValueError(‘Newer block not found’)>

I seem to be suffering from a bug that affects farmers with over 10K plots. Hoping they have a fix soon!

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