Chia vs Forks (Inputs Please)

Forks : Flax | Chaingreen | Spare | Rose | Chives

Recommended: Flax | Chaingreen
Upcoming: Chives
To avoid: Spare and Rose

Give your inputs please.

Currently chaingreen difficulty is absurd.
Flax has pools running as it is the next promising one.
Chives seems promising.

Let us all know your views on which would you guys go for and whether will you join pools for Flax or just leave both of the forks as fun farming.

I’m running chaingreen, flax and spare until now beside hpool on my linux farmer machine.
Every fork and also hpool are running inside there own docker container.

Can you also post some links?

They’ve done a huge change to the difficult calculation, but it works now very good with low resource usage like chia, flax and spare on my farmer.

This one is also my current favorite. There is already a pool for flax with old gen plots:

Why is this promising? Source?

Why avoid spare and rose?

Chaingreen does not appear to be a scam, but they have had blockchain problems, distributed too many coins early, and I see too many complaints of large plot holders getting no rewards since hard fork and synch issues. Chaingreen is still not out of the woods. The Devs appear to be in over their heads.

Flax does not appear to be a scam. They have had a steadier launch and devs have also launched their blockchain explorer. Still a no value coin, but the best of the new lot that I have looked at.

Spare smells like a scam to me.

Rose seemed like a scam to so many, so quickly that I never bothered to check them out.

Vosk Coin. Looks like a bad joke.

Their website says, “45% to Miners, 45% to Master Nodes, 10% to Community Autonomy.”

So instead of a pre-mine they are taking 55% off the top? That is a scam, even if legal.

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There have been some coins that have done this. I don’t like it, but it is better than a premine. At least they don’t get everything at once. That said, if they believed in what they were doing and the value they would add as a dev team it would be much less… like 5%.

55% is just a permanent pre-mine built into the block chain. Robbery, theft, scam, bloated cuts or pre-mine, all the same to me.

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Rug pull more likely with a premine. That’s all. Not that that is their plan.

Flax is great better than chia, flax is bug free, and has an approved pool at launch

Green is full of bugs, while I did run last week I got 10k gc-coins, in the past 3 days the wallet will not sync, just frozen, also I have lots of problems of the blockchain sql database getting hosed

BIG CAVEAT here, yep if you run say five clones on your systems, then sandbox them all, as they all copied the code, changed a few names, but use the same names for all the sql files, super klusterfuck;

yep spare sucks, rose sucks

hive-chives is crap, the dev is over his head
green yep, devs are over their heads

the only one that is GOOD is flax, and its better than chia, cuz it works
lastly right now 500 plots on flax is 0.5 xfx per day, 500 plots on chia hpool is 0.015, one xch ever two months; in a few weeks flax will be worth more than chia

flax is doubling every few days, its growing faster than chia back in the day

did I miss anything?

Then general problem is that 99% of the clones are done by morons; Even chia which is a clone of ‘burst’ is team-moron, at least the flax ppl have cleaned up the chia code and got it working.
I’m a programmer, been on crypto for 30+ years, been on bitcoin 10+ years, and I would never do a clone, its stupid waste of time. The only people who do it are ppl who don’t know what they’re doing, the result is the clones we see in the ENTIRE HDD MINING space, they’re all crap.
Right now I see three that work, burst, bhd, and flax.

One last comment on all these clones, it seems that solo-mining quit working at 100PB, before 100PB on flax I was getting 5/day, after zip so now I use foxy-pool get 0.5 xfx per 500 plots; same for green, after 100PB I quit winning; Just keep this in mind, not to waste your time solo mining.

Yep, kid u not, 10k gc-coin per day pre 100PB; what a joke.

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check it out, its top secret the dev isn’t even taking feedback, I have ran this thing for a week, it uses the chia blockchain, he didn’t even bother to change the name chia to ‘hiver’ :slight_smile: he just wrote all the sexy websites that promised the moon

This project is just like CHIA, all hat and no cattle.

The blockchain seem not running as there is no introducer available…

$ nmap -Pn -p 9444
Starting Nmap 7.80 ( ) at 2021-06-29 10:41 CEST
Nmap scan report for (
Host is up.
rDNS record for

9444/tcp filtered wso2esb-console

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 2.09 seconds
$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:
*** Can't find No answer

@somemoar Was your blockchain synced in this week?

only tried FLAX ,and it is quite stable and have almost same setup as chia.(which back to Apr.)
Just setup FLAX to simulate how much Chia I could have if I have 5000+ Plots in Apr when total Network space is still less than 1 EB.
And up to now, I got 50 + FLAX coin within a week~~~~~~ and quite happy (or sad) with the result~~~
BTW, FLAX is quite stable ,without any technial issue so far.
No like other Forks which has many problems up to now.
So far, FLAX is enough for me/~~~

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So spare is a scam, why would it be, any leads?

They have a pre-mine of 5M spare coins that isn’t mentioned anywhere on there website…
So they doesn’t stated what they will do with the pre-mine.

I only run Flax beside HPool.

I did set up Spare before but fail to make it sync so I gave up and deleted the whole thing.

I think I will join Foxy’s Flax pool tomorrow.

Having a look at the Github page it just seems that this is stilla t somewhat early stages unless I am completely wrong that is.

I can see the last change was the readme file which just re-iterates what’s on the main page.

On their Rollout Plan the apps seem to be 10 days away, so you’re quite possibly looking at something that is not finished. It feels like you’re running the Chia Blockchain, because well… you are.

Not defending anyone here, but you’re complaining that an unfinished project that seems to still be in it’s first stages of development is not working. Wot?

Anyone have a good guide on how to setup foxy pool? As i followed the instructions, my wallet is never synced my node is synced. Yet, the config keeps auto reset to the non pool config,

The pool_url
And pool_payout_address will disappear wgen i start flax

Even Chia is an unfinished project. That is not my concern.

In this world of new forks some will hopefully be good and many will fail.

Peeps like me are trying to hedge their Chia bet by exploring the new possibilities. There are security risks in installing github releases … even for Chia, but more so for the forks.

This conversation is about peeps sharing info, good and bad, about new forks.

somemoar pointed out that Chives lacks essential information that I would need before taking the risk of installing their software.

I think a pretty good outline has been given by many about the new offerings. Most are under supported both financially and technically. Only one or two of the offerings presently available can be pursued with some certainty of honesty and success.

Do your research well before installing any software. A thorough search of github, discord, reddit, here, and any coin specific pages should be done for any and every coin you consider. The community as a whole is pretty smart. Pay attention to their warnings.

Definitely. From what I see, most of these projects are trying to “cash in” whatever gap Bram and the rest of the Chia team have left with the official pools being “delayed”.

80% of them will be half-arsed, and the other 20% will only shine when eyes with deep pockets fall on them.

I’m currently farming/plotting on all of the forks bar Chaingreen. Mainly because this is my first venture into Crypto and my private key on there has less value than all of the forks combined, but also FOMO.

I think somemoar’s expectations were misplaced given that most of the code on the ChivesCoin github page (which can only be found if you REALLY search for it as there is no direct link from their website) is still chia-nework branded.

They don’t disappear. Just gets rearranged on alphabetical order