Chia wallet delete [SOLVED]

After a test setup with several computers, I wanted a clean start. I have deleted everything, except the chia.mainnet.db, downloaded and installed again. Below you can see that I now have four wallets, but I just want option 1 to be displayed, how do I delete the others?

(venv) root@sv4:~/chia-blockchain# chia wallet show
Choose wallet key:

In the gui, you can just choose to delete certain keys at the choose key screen.
No doubt there’s an option in the cli.
Have you used the help command to look at the options there?

I’m working on a headless ubuntu server. I’ve already looked for help elsewhere, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. To your answer: The GUI is just an interface, I need the command.

chia keys delete -f NUMBER – deletes the key with the fingerprint NUMBER

Hope that helps

I know what a gui is, you hadn’t mentioned headless had you.

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Your answer actually helped. Only I still haven’t understood where the keys are stored. I had deleted the directory “.chia” and “chia-blockchain”.

No idea sorry, I’m on Windows.

Not sure, currently only have the flax client installed but should be pretty similar.

There’s some flax keys there

I just came to the same result, only that you were faster.

The project " keyrings.cryptfile" is mainly targeted on a sufficiently secure storage for plain text passwords (keyring) in a simple portable file, where the default keyring storage implementation of a usual desktop environment doesn’t fit.


Is it necessary to be connected to internet to successfully generate new key mnemonic with command .\chia keys generate ?

After researching the source code, I would say no, only the config.yaml and cryptfile_pass.cfg is changed. But you are welcome to convince yourself again.

function generate
function check_keys

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