Chia wallet recover

I know there’s a small chance but I have to ask. I made several dozen plots on the wallet for which I do not have a mnemonic password ( forgot to save it), and suddenly my computer crashed. Later I created a new wallet and started making plots again (three plots). And here’s the problem. Am I able to recover the menomonic password from my previous wallet? has it overwritten? Through cli commands, I can only see the current password.

If your computer crashed, there is nothing there to recover. The only way to get the mnemonic phrase is to open the software and look at it. If the software crashed along with the system and was reloaded, it’s gone. It is impossible to recreate for a reason.

Learn the lesson here and print off your mnemonic phrase and keep it like you would any important document (like a passport or car title).

Thank you for your response . Yes, this is a lesson for me. The only plus is that it is only 59 plots.
Btw the new wallet is created on the same computer as the old wallet. I thought it was possible to recover the password from the plot or from the disk on the computer

You said the computer crashed. So that would mean there is nothing on the computer to recover from. Crashed normally means the computer died and had to be rebuilt. New hardware would mean it was loaded with a fresh OS and Chia software. At that point, there is nothing to recover from.

As for recovering from the plot file, no, that isn’t possible.

You were unlucky, mine has crashed a few times, but upon reloading the gui my old keys were always still present.
But backup is always good practise.

I deleted 100 plots by mistake the other day, these things happen.

So I expressed myself wrong. My computer just shut down. After a few attempts to start it finally succeeded. I have not installed a new system. Unfortunately, I created a new wallet … and the rest is already known.
I was hoping that I would be able to restore the previous wallet from the disk.

Have you tried loading the gui?

If that doesn’t see them that file probably got corrupted.

Thanks for the answer. I know I screwed it up completely. It’s good that you managed to recover your password. Yes i did try to load the GUI but no luck.
Now only a new wallet with new keys is loaded. There are only new keys in the chia directory.

On the bright side, you learnt before your wallet had coins I hope, so its a blessing in disguise, you now know better.

It is exactly like a blessing, there was 0 on the account, it is a pity only for these plots, because they are to be thrown away, thanks again.

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I formated a 8TB disk with half full of plots by mistake…
Yeah, things happen.