Chia & XCH update for the last two weeks

A bit tardy with the updates, but as usual, a big shout out to the XCHweekly.

Chia stats:

Price and Trading:

End-user community

Developer community

*Note: Friday close is 1pm PT. Other stats are pulled Friday between 1pm PT and 10pm PT.

Chia (the company) news:

  • Chia released version 1.3.2 to address an OpenSSL vulnerability. You should update ASAP. [ more] Chia released version 1.3.3 to address the OpenSSL vulnerability in 1.3.1, as well as a fix for Windows installers on the 1.3.2. The 1.3.3 release did not make it to Chia’s Twitter account. Reference this Reddit post for more.
  • Chia announced that they’ll be holding a happy hour at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami on 4/6. [more]
  • Chia announced that the Company “will be moving the pre-farm into the previously discussed new custody solution in the coming months.” [more]
  • Chia held their 1 Year Anniversary Mainnet AMA. [more]
  • Paul Hainsworth, VP of Product at Chia, announced his team is hiring for a PM role. [more]

Ecosystem news:

  • Goby launched several features, including accepting private offers (with Project Ayven), Testnet10 support, ability to import custom CATs, make and take offers, and more.
  • Community member Yakuhito announced two new products to help bring Chia to the Web: 1) GreenWeb, a JavaScript library that attempts to be the web3.js-equivalent for Chia; and 2) FireAcademy, a centralized service that provides on-demand access to Leaflet nodes. [more]
  • XCH Gallery rebranded as MintGarden, and spiffed up their site. [more]
  • Community member Grant published the Chia Full Node Simulator in a Docker container. [more]

Other relevant Chia news:

  • Gene joined Fox Business to discuss Russia Sanctions and Crypto. [more]

That’s awesome, thanks for the summary updates. This is really helpful for people like me who don’t follow every little thing across every freaking coin/project after I finished plotting.

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As always THX for the wrap up!