Chia & XCH Update

Thank you XCH Weekly!

Happy Birthday, Chia! :tada::tada::tada:

On March 19th, Chia’s Mainnet turned one year old. I don’t think I could do justice for what Chia accomplished this year, and luckily, I don’t have to because Chia dropped a blog post doing just that!

If you read one thing from this week’s newsletter, this should be it: Chia Mainnet Year One.

Chia stats:

Price and Trading:

\ 550x255.35714285714286

End-user community

\ 550x220.98214285714286

*note that week-over-week CAT transaction stats for the week of 3/4/22 were omitted, as Spacescan adjusted how they measure CAT transactions during this period. We also added LinkedIn followers this week, and will have w/w growth rates starting next week.

Developer community

\ 550x138.63324175824175

*Note: Friday close is 1pm PT. Other stats are pulled Friday between 1pm PT and 10pm PT.

Chia (the company) news:

  • Mainnet turned one year old, and Chia dropped a sweet post about this years’s accomplishments. [more]
  • The World Bank official announcement on the carbon warehouse was re-released. For real this time. [more]
  • Gene wrote a phenomenal blog post titled “Cypherpunks in Sportcoats: Tech is Eating Your Fin”. Read it. Digest it. Share it. [more]
  • Announced 1.3.1. This is running smoothly for yours truly. [more]

Ecosystem news:

  • User Luna published “a mostly Java version of [Chia’s] pooling protocol.” They also noted “It is currently using a python helper script for some CLVM functions, but fully works. Replacing with Rust version soon, hopefully ~ 1 month.” [more]
  • Gene and Bram joined a Twitter Spaces to discuss Chia with Digital Spaceport and others. [more]
  • USA users have been banned from, which was one of the main options to access Chia**.**
  • Akash hosted a Twitter Spaces with JM to discuss Chia plotting. They’ve also announced some bounties to get people to test the Chia plotting service. [more]
  • Hashgreen added transaction fee and copy/paste capabilities. [more]

Other relevant Chia news:


I always wondered what “mainnet” was?

The default “Network Name” is “mainnet”. Are there other network names?

In what circumstance would a different “Network Name” be used?

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Not an expert but testnet is referred to … well … a net for testing purpose. Mainnet refers probably to the main branch of a code.

So i assume the name mainnet is representing the mayor net. probably a convention that just grown out of developer interaction and stuck.

@ Lsherring
As always THX for the overview!

^^ Appreciate these reviews as well, thank you again!

The one year blog post mentioned the Circular Drive Initiative. Does anyone know what this will be and how the kickoff went in December '21? Will regular farmers be able to get drives or will they be reserved for special partners in the game?