Chia & XCH Weekley Update Thank you XCHweekly

Chia stats:

Price and Trading:

*note that week-over-week CAT transaction stats for the week of 3/4/22 were omitted, as Spacescan adjusted how they measure CAT transactions during this period.

End-user community

Developer community

*Note: Friday close is 1pm PT. Other stats are pulled Friday between 1pm PT and 10pm PT.

Chia (the company) news:

  • Chia launched 1.3, yay! This is a huge release. [more]
  • JM hosted a storage AMA session. [more]
  • Scheduled an AMA for the one-year anniversary of mainnet (3/19/22) taking place on Monday, 3/21/22. Exact time TBD.
  • Chia announced the World Bank’s climate warehouse observer node briefly, and then quickly deleted the announcement. You can still read more about it on the climate warehouse site. The Chia Plot also wrote about it here.
  • Announced a soft fork this summer to solve for the div vs. divmod issue. [more]

Ecosystem news:

  • Dexie added a “markets” page showing CATs and their liquidity on Dexie. [more]
  • Hashgreen added more CATs including Little Lambo Coin, Green Wings, and Easter Egg. Soon they’ll add everything listed on TAIL database. [more]

Other relevant Chia news:

  • Bitcoin core dev Anthony Towns wrote a post titled “bitcoin scripting and lisp” where he gives a strong nod to Chialisp, stating “After looking into it, I actually think chia lisp gets pretty much all the major design decisions pretty much right.” This is a pretty meaningful, IMO. [more]
  • Jill Gunter, one of Chia’s Board members and the GP at Slow Ventures who led the Chia investment, joined a new L1 blockchain, called Espresso, as a co-founder. The two other founders are Ben Fisch and Benedikt Bünz, who both worked under Dan Boneh at Stanford and are listed as advisors for Chia. Espresso is a privacy focused blockchain, based on EVM (and thus Solidity) and ETH 2.0 (proof of stake). While this isn’t a huge deal, it does make one rethink the belief that anyone who “gets” PoST and Chialisp will be sold on Chia, as these people definitely “got” it. It seems they value the developer and user ecosystem on ETH over the benefits of Chia. [more]

hmm, I was expecting more comments on this board

Let’s see… Price is down, market cap is down, volume is down, and rankings are down…

And add to that, a board member has started up a new blockchain that does not use Chia tech…

Nothing positive to discuss.


Ahhh do not be a party pooper… LOL There is good stuff cooking but it needs to marinade before its ready to eat for primetime :slight_smile:


If Bitcoin would adopt chia lisp or let’s say fork it or spiritually incorporate it … that would be huge. Every BTC developer would be instantly familiar with chia-lisp! And chia corp with its around 60developers could pick up the ball and run also some chia-Bitcoin solutions. Shows u that bram had the right instinct in his decisions . That’s doesent mean that chia is automatically profiting but seems like a huge benefit. Who knows maybe they will adopt proof of space and time also :slight_smile:


As always great compilation! Love your work!

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