Buy Plots On-Demand $6/plot delivered in 72 hours max no matter how many plots

Hi everyone, is striving to create the best Chia plotting service on the internet. Our aim is complete and total customer satisfaction.

  • Providing on-demand Chia plotting service at $6/plot with a guarantee to fulfill any order in under 72 hours with most being fulfilled in 24 hours.

  • Based in the U.S., our datacenters have guaranteed 1Gbps download for plot links.

  • We are open to large discounts for large orders (500+).

  • We have started a Youtube channel + series that will be covering Chia farming in detail:

  • Use promo code CHIACHAMP for 20% off your first order.

  • We are working towards an automated status page. Stay tuned for updates on that.

  • We will be ready day 1 with support for pooling-compatible plots when that feature comes online the Chia Network soon.

  • Also, I want to mention we do not require an account to begin using and placing orders. It’s as simple as placing your order and wait to be contacted via email on the status of your order.

If you guys have any questions at all please reach out to me personally at david@chiacreator DOT net

And if you have any suggestions for the site or what we should post about on our Youtube channel, feel free to reach out.

I would like to see the best case scenario for RIO at this net space growth for 6$ for a plot. 1 TB
At 27$ per TB for drive (WD Elements 14 TB at amazon), I would pay aprox. 87$ for 1 TB worth of space for 10 plots. I would have to be really lucky to get my initial investment back even If the drive would be for free. What I am missing?

Btw this applies to other plotting services

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So what do you think is a reasonable price to pay?

I created a topic for that but nobody actually answered there:

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I don’t think there is really one, whole services doesn’t seem to be worth for farmers unless someone has small amount of drives lying around and can’t plot themselves. With the prices above 28TB (which is nothing with this netspace) would cost around 1700$ which gets you your own plotter so you only save on time.

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Does it means that price ~2$ per plot. A.k.a 560$ for 28TB would make more sense?