Chiadog "Harvester appears to be offline!"

I have been running Chiadog for a couple days and I really like it except for one thing. Randomly, it will start to say “Your harvester appears to be offline! No events for the past xxx seconds.”. Once it goes into this state, it will do that every 5 minutes until I restart it. After reviewing the logs, the harvester is not and was not offline and Chiadog will not fix itself once in that state. I have to manually kill Chiadog and start it up again. Once running again, it is fine … for a while. It may be another hour or even 12 hours later but it will do it again. I have rebooted the system to try to fix it. That didn’t help. I have opened an issue in the Chiadog Github but thought I would ask here if anyone else if having this issue. If so, have you found a work-around?

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The developer replied to my issue posted on github (which a couple other people also replied stating they were having the same issue). He posted that this issue has been resolved in a branch of the code found here: GitHub - martomi/chiadog at windows-rotation.

I have just switched to that version and I’m running it now. I’ll reply to this thread if I run into other issues. If not, I will post up in a week or so letting everyone know it is running well.


Quick update. I now see the difference with this version of the code. Now in the Chiadog window, I see entries that say “Encountered a log rotation, reopening file handler for …”.


Thanks! I was running into the same issue. Updating now…

Chiadog has not went to the “Harvester appears to be offline” since switching to the windows-rotation branch. Been 4 days now.