ChiaFactory - plotting on demand (PaaS)


saw a few posts talking about a PaaS services for Chia and wanted to share ours.

We offer flat prices and volume discounts at

We’ll also offer any underutilized plotters out there to share plotting power to get back some costs of running. (although you’ll have to have decent egress bandwidth)

Bandwidth/storage is def a challenge so we plan to offer harvester as a service once the plotting service is stable and running.

Any feedback appreciated, thanks!

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Hi, Good to see a lot of plotting services are opening up. Curious to know how long does it take to download 1 k32 plot file using typical broadband?

They’re 101.4 GB, enter your speed on here to check: Download Time Calculator - calculate download time (

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Bug Report: I used a password manager to generate a (long) password. Registration form accepted it. I received and clicked the email-verification link. I attempted to log in.

The login form unreasonably complains that my password must be between 7 and 20 characters:

Good catch, thanks for reporting. Fixed now.

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Please use this handy chart I made to refer to k32 plot copy times…

I should graph it as well!

But we’d need a lot lower values, this was focused on USB/SSD/NVME/Thunderbolt transfers and gigabit ethernet as a baseline.

Unless your network connection to the internet is VERY kickass, you’re going to see at least an hour of transfer time per plot.

Really nice and clean site. Just ordered :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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your speed divide with 8 and you will get your download in Mb/s and then multiply with 60(seconds) and divide 101.4 with that and you will get time for one k32

We have plotter servers located around the world now, so bandwidth should be well utilized. Essentially we can plot as fast as you can download.

I’ll give this a shot, and leave a review of the process when I’m done. I’ll be ordering 10 plots tonight to give it a go!


Have done 16 plots so far. Good service!


Solid pricing and capacity! I’ve added it to Plotting Services - ChiaLinks - Chia Cryptocurrency Resources


Alright, order placed for 10 plots, for $35 total. I’ll update here as I work through the rest of the process!

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Published API specs if anyone finds it easier to manage their order: Chia Factory API Docs


FTR, I tried this service and it’s great :+1:

You get 3 parallel jobs and it takes about 8 hours per plot. Then you download the file and delete it to free one worker and the next plot starts automatically. You get an email whenever a plot is done and now you can use the API to automate things as well. The bandwidth was a bit sketchy initially but lately I’ve been maxing out my gigabit downlink.

Rating: :star::star::star::star::star:

Great work @trepca


Cool will try this the only shit is my connection is slow ^^ 35mbit in up and 80mbit in down

Awesome, thanks so much for reviewing!

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With 80 Mbit, you could download one plot in ~3-5 hours, depending how stable your connection is.

Already ordered 10 to test :slight_smile: will rate it later

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Note on bandwidth, we’re not doing any plotter selection based on user location, so depending where you are some plots might be slower than others.
This is next on todo list though, currently focusing on scale and bug fixing.

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