wants to say hello

Hello, fellow Chia Farmers & Chia Forum community,

we here at just wanted to introduce ourselves to the community here on the Chia Forums and send out an open invitation to join our Discord Server, we welcome anyone, it does not matter if you are a part of our pool or not, everyone is welcome, also by joining our discord you can get yourselves some free mojos!

We are a European Pool operated and supported by a founded company to ensure the longevity of our operations.

  • We are a registered company !

  • We offer low fees & guaranteed fast payout

  • We are secure and transparent

If there is anyone out there looking for a reliable, community-driven EU Pool, well I guess that is us. As some might have been made aware of we were recently joined by chiamine and 21chia Pools and this was also covered by thechiaplot. Thanks for that btw.

We are constantly growing our network and our team is hard-working adding features to our site; so come check us out and say hi in our discord. We also want to extend a helping hand to everyone out here, if there are questions anyone should have surrounding chia, we are more than happy to lend a helping hand. We have a great team of individuals covering various backgrounds and will do our best to answer any questions you may have.