Chiamine celebrates 1 000 farmers with 100+ plots give-away!

We at recently reached a milestone and now have 1 000 amazing farmers.

It’s fantastic to see the engagement and community built around our pool, especially in our Discord, and we want to show our appreciation and have selected 10 random farmers who will receive free plots from our official plotting partner Plotting Cloud where all Chiamine farmers get a 30% discount on all plots.

If you are farming with us, join our Discord to see if you are one of the winners!

We want to give back to the community, and more events will be happening every now and again, so don’t miss out.

Join our pool today and don’t forget to pop into our Discord channel stay up to date.

0% fee and over 1 000 farmers. We are both grateful and humbled by the trust given to us and are looking forward to spending a lot of time with you in the future!


Winners are based on their Launcher ID and join date. The first prize is 50 plots. 2 to 10 will receive 10 plots each.

The winner will have to contact Chiamine by Discord or email at [] with a screenshot of their launcher ID and email. Plotting Cloud will contact the winners and provide the free plots.

Get a 30% discount on your plots by visiting our official plotting partner and use our promo code: Buy Chia plots | Plotting Cloud