- Chia and altcoins profit calculator

Hi guys,

We have made a calculator for you that calculates your chia , spare , flax and chaingreen earnings in bulk.
You can see it at . Waiting for your comments about the site.


Nice work!
However, IMHO it is even more misleading than the “original one”. Why?
With calculating potential profits of useless forks, it is implied those coins will be worth something, sometime. This may draw people into farmitng it, believing they will get some returns over there. But in fact theres none, and for like 99% there will never be.

So to enhance it, maybe set default price of those forks to 0.00$ to handle expectations correctly.

Thank you for your advices. It seems very easy to issue a new coin with Chia software. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be successful from within. After all, it’s as big as a coin community. And the communities of these altcoins are growing very quickly. Users can see their price estimates by bringing them wherever they want.

Following that argumentation, it would be nice to be able to set the price for Spare and Flax to below 1$ :slight_smile:

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If you can farm multicoins with the same plots are you really losing anything? It’s nothing to lose and everything to gain, depending on how their farmers work. that’s what I need more information on. To me the idea is the same as multifarming doge and LTC at the same time on a scrypt asics.

No you do not lose anything if farming multiple alts with the same plots. However, it may pose a security risk to your farm. Thats all.

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Very valid concern, that’s why I haven’t dived right into them. figured the community needed at least a little time to look into the software they are using. I’m no expert so I generally go off of community consensus. I’m also ready to format and clean install my chia/plex/ETH rig in a heart beat.

This is what I’m talking about. Setting 10$ as default value for price is a smoke-screen really and you maybe helping to cultivate a tremendously over-exagerated revenue expectation.

But for example ; Monero is the software of bytecoin and it’s much better than that.Also, with increasing difficulty, their earnings drop very quickly. They’ll soon start value less than chia.

Showing the price of these tokens high can be a reference for exchanges, which can be beneficial for the entire chia community.

Sorry for my bad english.

I don’t really get that logic but that’s fine. I don’t need to and its your very own site. If you feel comfortable with potentially misleading a bunch of people, great. I personally prefer to be as transparent and open as possible.

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Very good tool, thank you

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I’m so glad you liked it :heart_eyes:

This shit its good to release tension… Good for laugh

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Added block rewards and premine
The spare price has been reduced from $10 to $1. We now show Flax before Spare.
We explained on the site why we did not add ChiaRose.

FYI your site (assuming you are still running it) is flagged by Malwarebytes for riskware. Could be a false positive, if so you should contact them. I was cleaning up some of the hundreds of chrome tabs I have open, one of which was chiamulti - couldn’t remember what the site was and when I refreshed MB blocked it.