– New Plotting on Demand Service – € 0,40 / Plot

Hi everyone!

We built a Chia Plotting on Demand Service where plots are generated depending on the users download bandwidth.

Our process is fully automated:

  1. You order plots and provide your Public Farmer Key and Pool Contract Address.
  2. Our servers generate your first plot.
  3. You can fully automate downloading your plots using established tools. The user dashboard provides a download guide.
  4. As soon as you start to download, we measure your download bandwidth.
  5. The number of plotting servers generating your plots in parallel increases with your download bandwidth.
  • There is no download bandwidth limit – plots are generated as fast as you can download.
  • Plots are available for download for a long time and downloads can be paused arbitrarily.
  • All our servers are powered by renewable energies!

Check it out on!

Your website is well put together and includes your physical address, terms of service, an extensive FAQ, onsite chat and more. If I decided to buy plots you would be at the top of my list.

Good luck in your venture! :sunglasses:

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Your prices are on the high end side. What configuration are you running?

Our prices are for people buying small amounts of plots, who enjoy our many advantages, such as fully automated downloading at an unlimtited bandwidth as well as trustworthiness. If you want to buy a high volume of plots, do contact us directly and tell us how many plots you need so we can make you a good offer!

We use MadMax and 128GB of RAM on second hand servers powered by renewable energy.


Hi everyone!

First of all, thanks to everyone who showed interested in our service!

Due to the number of requests, we are now selling k33 plots!

You can download a mix of k32 and k33 plots with the same account.

As always: Your plots are generated on demand scaling with your donwload bandwidth by our sustainable servers.

Happy Chia Farming!