Chinese Government Seized HPool Servers?

According to Arweave’s website

Arweave core developers have been made aware that at least one mining node inside the Chinese mainland has been seized by the government. Node operators should understand that the Arweave network stores and serves a significant amount of material related to the activities of the Chinese government. The Arweave protocol does not require that any miner to store data that they deem inappropriate.

Hpool is the only Arweave pool according to MPS. So does the Chinese government currently own Hpool’s servers? Are they using them to track down illegal Chinese farmers?

Dead link. ( 20 chrs )
In your extract it states a node, not a pool.
What makes you think its not just an arweave node?

More FUD?

Repasted the link. I assume by a mining node they mean something others mine towards aka a pool. Since if the Chinese government wanted to just join the network it could run its own equipment with none the wiser. That being said I put question marks after my sentences because I’m asking not telling.

That seems like a hell of a jump.
If they meant a pool I think they’d have said so.
Not being funny, but just seems your trying to promote your pool as ever by trying to mislead.

The link you posted actually describes how to set up a node with miner , aka a mining node, the exact thing they say got seized.


HPool has OG plot customers if people left they’d go to Foxy or Core not a NFT pool aka us.

So your saying hpool does not have a nft pool?

He’s saying Flexpool doesn’t have an OG pool. Most NFT pools don’t.

Well, I’d like to here it from the horses mouth but thanks.

Discrediting/ fudding hpool could cause ppl to leave.
Now flexpool could gain from that if there are nft poolers there.
He said hpool had OG customers, but if they also had nft customers then there would be some potential gain on the table.

I’m unsure if they do or not, but from what I’ve read I have reason to believe they do, making his argument unreasonable.

It’s quite obvious that OG pool users who didn’t plot portable plots would change to another OG pool, if they changed at all. You absolutely can’t farm OG plots on an official protocol pool, and I’m pretty sure you can’t farm portable plots on an OG pool (although that one I’m not certain of).

This was more the unreasonable argument, whether you “here” it from him or not.

Anyone who really cared to know… could easily find that hpool has an official protocol pool and it’s barely 16% of the size of their OG pool (which any reasonable person would agree is the pool they are known for).

And anyone who’s been paying even the slightest bit of attention in the past 3 months or so would know there’s little need to “discredit” or “fud” hpool. The odds of anyone suddenly thinking that the hpool OG pool model was bad after months of being happy with it are pretty low. And the odds of any perceived or actual FUD changing how portable plots function are zero.

Yawn the battle to get more users by a pool owner… oh well coca cola did it vs pepsi decades ago … and stopped doing it, costed more time/effort/money than it was worth it…

Give a good service, a quality product and there will be no need to discredit other pools or whatever FUD, worth of mouth goes faster than any marketing campaign


Indeed, I never disputed any of that.

Not at all, but you either didn’t grasp my point, or are here to try and defend Chris by twisting things.

I never disputed any of that either, not sure what your even trying to get at here.

I never disputed anything here either.

So you’ve posted a whole load of tripe which is actually completely irrelevant, congrats.

You have however said

Which means my initial analysis stands and is possibly correct.

any new og pool coming up?