CHIP-53 Decreasing Plot Filter Every 2 Years

I believe he just helps connect people but even if he does sell drives thats not a conflict. I think Chia received an investment from Seagate, or at the very least they work together at times. Conflict would imply a competing company or that he’s profiting off insider knowledge.

Well I would say anybody who is promoting Chia, if they have some connection to selling hard drives? For me that’s questionable ethically speaking. In this person’s case they work for Chia. So to me that’s even less ethical. But that’s just my opinion. I could make a business argument saying that expensive 18TB drives are as stupid investment for Chia. But I’m also not trying to sell or encourage people to buy hard drives where I get some sort of kickback. I mean, obviously if you work for a hard drive company this concept is gold. Especially when you can pump out new hard drives to supply the farmers when it has no ethical green value in principal.

Imagine if Ethereum decided to get a sponsorship by Nvidia. Imagine if Chia started putting the Seagate logo on their website and promotional items. You don’t see how that would start becoming a farce?

Dude, just take a breather…and stop trying to find evil under every rock.

Have a good day

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What makes you think they didn’t? AMD was in there

My guy really took one point about somebody’s experience and made it his entire argument when it’s just irrelevant to the topic at hand anyways lmao

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Your contribution is what? Have troubles making some kind of point? Talent is writing 2 or 3 sentences that make no sense. Own it.