Claiming plotnft reward from self pooling

My system’s been all over the map due to multiple power outrages/etc. Well, saw that I was self pooling for some reason/after the last power hiccup…and won a block.


chia plotnft claim -i 6 --fee 0.005
(Note: Used >chia wallet show to determine the wallet id containing said 1.75 XCH.)

And get the following:

Transaction submitted to nodes: [{‘peer_id’: ‘1bd1fe1d1e5fbcd77434c74fad7fbf1672077redacted’, ‘inclusion_status’: ‘FAILED’, ‘error_msg’: ‘DOUBLE_SPEND’}]

And checking via, “chia wallet get_transaction -f 2811323511 -tx 0xe4259260f16a29fcredacted”:

A, “Status: Pending” that lasts for days now.

I’ve cleared out the transactions via a “chia wallet delete_unconfirmed_transactions -i 6” and tried again - insane I know.

Any thoughts on what to try next?

Might be worth deleting wallet db , resync and retry.

Did you rejoin a pool after you won?
If so possibly they claimed it.

Thank so much. If I may - I’m running this on an Ubuntu machine, and just to be clear I should go into:


And delete everything here, then restart my farmer?

As for pooling, I’m still self pooling and the 1.75 XCH is still showing in my wallet (id #6). When I delete, I also assume that I’ll need to re-enter my secret (seed) phrase as well?

Im not a linux guy, but that looks correct.


No need, your not deleting them.


I’ll be getting on this :slight_smile: Thanks.

When I do a:

chia wallet show

I now don’t see wallet id#6, the one that originally contained the 1.75 XCH. Whilst I made a copy of the folder - just wondering if there’s something else to try perhaps.

Can you post the address used to receive that reward, and the tx, block no, and ill have a look.

Thanks so much.

The 1.75 seemed to be going to:

To address: xch1yw2z4un0gvjuc0zjye49mq39x67x8kcm6gnuwpfnktr828kk8pvqqlutvg

And the 0.25 went here: xch1gevlqe3527u48vx55wp857ap9fmppnm0rvljl8d2shlfv67v9xesrpkscw

(I guess it’s been a little over a week…)

Actually… Just before hitting “Reply” - went back to my farmer and issued the:

chia plotnft show

And noticed that I’m no longer “self pooling” but rather back at my pool of choice. And appear to be earning (from said pool) once again. Still, seems a bit odd as to what happened here. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Well using xch scan, the first address for the 1.75 shows no results. Saying address does not exist.

The second for the .25 has .76 xch sat on it, 3 x 25 rewards.

Are you sure the first address copied correctly?
Do you own the second address.?

2 other explorers confirm those results.

@Bones I really want to thank you. Honestly, at this point - I’m tossing in the towel. I’m back at my pool of choice and earning my typical payout (confirmed on my other computer that has my wallet only on it)… So I’m calling this a lesson I’m no longer interested in exploring.

Ok, well at least make sure all your reward addresses are to set to one you own.

You know how to alter all 3?

I suppose not actually. I didn’t think one could change these. Could I ask for a link/howto? thanks.

Gotta kip, but ill drop instructions a bit later.

Sorry for the delay.

So, the first 2 are together, in the gui, farming tab, top right are 3 little dots stacked vertically, click them, click manage farming rewsrds.
Read the note explaining what theyre for.
Change at will.

The other is on the pooling tab.
On the plot nft, 3 vertical dots , edit payout instructions.
( this address is for the 1.75 when self pooling)

If your in a pool , they will control that payout address until you leave the pool, but if your self pooling it wll go to that address when claimed.

And your pool payout address at your pool.