Cleaner unofficial pool solution - fspool

just FIY, there is cleaner solution than hpool for farmers that are waiting for pools.
Check .
The source code is hosted on their website - you can read and check it.
The idea of pool is simply:
Join lots of farmers into one big node - like recommended in docs Farming on many machines · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub
It has downsides - like plotting with given farmer and pool key but it is worth consideration.

I know it needs to start somehow - but currently the farm has 5.98 TB of plots - I think I’d trust it more if the pool seeded the plots with a few hundred TB’s to start with. Right now I’ll have better luck with my existing plots.

Sure, I hope that the small farmers like me (10Tb free space) will join in near future :slight_smile:
EDIT: I have got information from devs that after official launch pool:
“we will be “joining” the two pools, and distributing rewards amongst all farmers, the ones who join now and the ones who join the official pool. So people who re-plot for our pool now will not have to re-plot a third time.”
so its great news.

Erm yeh… think most users here have way more plots on their own…

Sure, but after confirmation from dev team that ppl who join now will not have to replot for official one is making that pool worth even for larger farmers than me.

What’s stopping them from voiding the keys you would have used your own recourses to build a farm and no way of changing pools in the future