CLI plotnft show - pay to address?

I have some confusion about the payout address showing in the CLI for “chia plotnft show”. I just joined space pool successfully used “chia plotnft show” to view the launcher ID and contract address. I noticed the bottom line shows a different pay address from any of my addresses:

Payout instructions (pool will pay to this address): xch1.....

When I run “chia keys show” I only see my standard “First wallet address:” value. Where is that Payout address?

EDIT: It just occurred to me that must be where my farmer sends the 1.75 reward?


I’m also looking for answers on this.
Should the Payout instructions be the First Wallet Address?

Your keys can derive many wallets: chia wallet show

You can get the address of specific wallet by its ID: chia wallet get_address -i 1

Thanks @Digital but for some weird reason, the payout instructions address, has a completely different key from was show in chia wallet show and chia plotnft show.

In my scenario I have two different wallets, and also using get_address, both show a different key from the payout instructions address.

Found a solution for Space Pool: How to change your payout address in Space Pool? | by Space Pool | Aug, 2021 | Medium

Little summary for the CLI version:

  1. Retrieve a Pool Login Link

chia plotnft get_login_link -l “your launcher id”

Launcher ID can be found in chia plotnft show

  1. Copy the code and paste to the browser.

  2. Add the Payout address. Recommend to test the wallet with the faucet