CLI proof speed

Hi all

I really am new to cli, so be gentle…
It like going back to my DOS days… (yes I am that old)

I have checked my plots all test ok

How do I check to make sure the proof speed is ok?

Get-Content “~/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log” -Wait | select-string -pattern “plots were eligible” -encoding ASCII

ctrl+C to cancel.

I use this in PowerShell , copied it from WolfGT posted yesterday sometime.

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Thanks for the reply.
Will try it later when plots finish…
Still all reads like gibberish to me…lol
But I am learning…very very slowly…

I try in CLI C:\Users\admin/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log” -Wait | select-string -pattern but failed.
it says command is not correct.Please,help me.

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“But I am learning…very very slowly…” I’m sixty and learning is also slow…

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copy the entire paragraph and right click it into PowerShell.


Thank you!
And could you tell me,please,may I see my logs directly I mean the process in cmd?

no clue sorry, I’m no expert just relaying what I’ve seen here :sweat_smile:


60… youre a mere child
I’m 61
I wonder if we are the oldest?

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