Close everything chia without restarting computer

I’m on Ubuntu mate 21.04 and running the chia gui application. By closing the gui it says that the node is shutting down but it seems not to always close all the processes related to it.

How to be sure that everything chia related is closed down? Do I just use htop and search for any process that has “chia” in the name and kill them one by one? Is that all?

In the terminal in the chia.exe folder (/usr/lib/chia-blockchain/resources/app.asar.unpacked/daemon/) run:

./chia.exe stop all

On Ubuntu I’ve had this happen, I can’t remember exactly the sequence of what I did to cause it, but I think it was forgetting to stop all before an update, after running the update, stop all was no longer able to detect all of the processes.

I didn’t look much further into it, and had to do what you mention, killing all chia related processes - it’s a bit easier to find them on Ubuntu server (no desktop) because your user will typically have fewer running processes (assuming you use the same user for running chia as you use for the deskop).