Cloud Plots - Plotting Serivce (Paas) running on renewable energy

Hello everyone,

we are opening our plotting service to the public. We made it a point that all our plotting servers and storage runs on renewable energy, because the lower enviromental footprint is what makes Chia unique.

You can order plots via our Website

Key Facts:

  • starting at 4,50€ / plot
  • 7 day download retention (if you need more time just email us)
  • 100% renewable energy
  • Payment: PayPal and credit card

If all plots are out of stock, please come back later, we don’t oversell to keep the waiting times short.

your auction says 24 euros/plot?

Oh sorry. Researched other Paas and failed at copy&paste. Fixed the URL.

Just as a FYI to the readers, before you buy anything, make sure to check the reputation of the plotting service and never ever give your 24 word mnemonic / private key to anyone if asked . :+1:

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That is a good point. While researching other plotting services, I found some that looked realy fishy.

Of course we just ask for the Farmer and Pool Public Keys and have no interest in your private key / mnemonic phrases.

We use PayPal and Stripe as payment proiders for secure financial transactions.

We have reduced out prices.

  • 1 plot: 5€
  • 10 plots: 45€

Due to falling plot prices and free capacity we lowered the 10 plots package to 30€.