Coins from canceled offer show as only leaving wallet

I created an offer a long time ago when offers first came out to try it. But then recently I opened my wallet again and saw the offer. It was very stale, so I canceled it. When I canceled it, the coin that was used for the offer showed up as leaving my wallet ( -2.5928 XCH) but there was no incoming coin to make up for it. So my wallet balance appears to have gone down. I’ve seen something on reddit saying this is an incompatibility between the light wallet and the full node, but the new 1.4 client combiners light wallet and full node and I don’t see it there.

My wallet shows 2.5928 XCH outgoing, which matches the coin amount on the offer.

Here is the canceled offer showing the same amount on the coin.

Wallet issues like this can be fixed a couple ways. You can try on the usds tokens page click the upper right menu, click delete unconfirmed transactions, and that should fix it.
If not, you can close chia, go into your .chia/mainnet/wallet/db directory and move all those files to a backup location and reopen chia. This will force the wallet (not the node) to do a full wallet sync and you’ll get an accurate count of what you have, but you will lose all offer history and outstanding offers wont show up so could still be accepted if they were posted somewhere (unless you spend the entire balance of that token to yourself which would change the coin IDs and invalidate any offers made on the old coins.)