Cold wallet best practices

I’d like to take some Chias offline. Would it work to create a new set of keys on the farmer, receive awards to that new address from then on and delete the old keys from the system? Or would that mean that I would need to replot because the plots are bound to the original set of keys?

Alternatively, I guess it should be possible to create keys on an offline system and then TX some Chias over. Would leave a link between the two wallets, of course – I don’t know if that might be an issue for me in 10 years or not.

Any insights or recommendations?

Time to wait for summer. Ledger and Trezor enter action :slight_smile:

This is how I will be doing it. Create new keys inside a VM. Transfer coins to the new wallet. Once verified that they got there, save the 24 words, blow away the vm and change the farmer to send rewards to the new reward address.


Does the VM need a connection to the internet? And how do you verify that they got there?

In theory you should be able to send it to the new wallet without connecting it to the internet. But, I don’t know enough about how the backend works, so I’ll have the client connected to the internet. I’ll send the coins and when they appear in that client and in chia explorer, I’ll have enough confidence that they got there and it’s ok to blow away the vm.

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Wait what this lol?

yup, done the same. just to make shure i understood the procedure right - if i want to access chias in cold wallet, i have to import from mnemonics and then wait some hours for wallet to sync? (that would be of course a small disadvantage compared to a possible total loss)

Right, import from mnemonics and then the wallet has to sync. Not sure if there is a way to speed up the wallet sync. Right now it takes a day or two from zero.

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Was lucky and got a win recently with the cold wallet setup. Can confirm that farmed coins will go to the cold wallet address under “Manage Farming Rewards” on the Farm tab.

The GUI no longer keeps track of farming rewards though. So you’ll have to use chia explorer to verify the balance and any new wins. Just use the chia explorer Search function and put in your cold wallet address

They don’t fair well in housefires:

You are better off making this:

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