Cold wallet creation question

Hello to everybody.

I did create what I call a cold wallet, so I did install the chia wallet on a fresh computer did create a new wallet based on new mnemonic and recorded the chia wallet address.

I did not sync the wallet or chain at all and I uninstalled the chia wallet from the computer.

Now my question is the following, is my new cold chia address ok with this ? Can I send coins to it or was it required to sync the whole chain and wallet to have it so called Enabled ?


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No, you don’t have to sync your cold wallet to have it working.

When you uninstalled the chia app did you first delete the key ?

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Yes I did remove it completely and the computer will never be used I will most probably format it soon.
Just wanted to make sure I can send coins to this new address thank you very much for the answer :wink:


I hope you also recorded the new mnemonic?

Lol yes :wink: for sure :wink: thank you for the remind :wink:


Ha ha ha… this is a good question.

But I think he did it.

The wallet should be fine. This is the way I set mine up and it has been good. If you want to test it before you send any significant XCH to it, go to a faucet and have it send a couple dojo. Then you can check on Chia Explorer to make sure it arrived alright.

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are those the new satoshis?!

It is a new coin called “Kungfu coin” :joy:

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Whoops, I meant Mojo.