Command-line plotting - fails to copy completed file?

Plotting using the command-line and all is well until it comes to copying the completed file form the temp SSD to the destination drive. I should have set up logging but It says something like: “unable to copy file trying again in 5 minutes” and repeats this.

When I open the final drive in file manager, the file is there but with zero bytes. I have to close the command line and copy the file manually.

Any ideas why this might be?
Thanks for any help.

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Well, there’s some problem in copying to the destination media. Every time I’ve seen this, it’s a real problem of some kind … usually disk full.

Can you create a small text file in notepad (or via linux command line equivalent) and copy it to the destination storage media OK?

From your description it looks like you are using Linux and exFat formatted drive. It happens to me from time to time though in a slightly different scenario. Not sure how to fix it. It is possible that the final drive goes too sleep after some hours. Maybe you can automate to write something to it every 20-30 minutes.

Thanks for the replies, I’ve since reformatted to ext4 maybe that will do it. Waiting for new pool friendly plot format before doing any more plots though so don’t know if that fixed it.