Command to refresh plots

Is there a command I can use to refresh the plots? (that acts like the button in plots->refresh plots in the gui) Am using a nas for harvesting and would like to sync it via crontab
Whenever i copy a plot, i would like to automate the ‘refresh’ thingy


I’m not sure you need this. I have two Ubuntu systems, a plotter and a farmer. My farmer has an NFS mount to my plotter’s active plotting directory that I use while generating plots (I physically move and attach the drive to the farmer once it’s full). And the farmer automatically picks up the new plots as they are created. I can see them in ChiaHarvestGraph shortly after they are created.

I’m not sure how often it checks, but it seems reasonable to me.

i was wondering, since the GUI can ‘force reload’, and apparently it runs the same chia in the background, how it manages to do that. (undocumented command??)
It does check every few minutes, i suppose i’ll have to live with that…
New to this game… 10G ETH to move from plotter to farmer, plotter based on madmax, no chia yet. We’ll see. Thanks for the replly though

If you wanted to try something, I would use “chia farm summary” as that always seems to have accurate information.

for a few minutes, chia plots check checks e.g 39 plots, chia farm summary shows 38. What i mean is that there must be a command that the gui passes to the farmer to ‘force reload’
To replicate:
-copy a plot in the folder checked by the gui
-run farm summary: old number
-run plots check -n 1 - new number
-run farm summary: old number
[some minutes later]
-run farm summary: new number of plots

still, somehow, the gui seems to be able to check on the fly when hitting ‘refresh’, although the command is undocumented

On linux RPC command does the trick

curl --insecure --cert ~/.chia/mainnet/config/ssl/full_node/private_full_node.crt --key ~/.chia/mainnet/config/ssl/full_node/private_full_node.key -d '{}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST https://localhost:8560/refresh_plots

Note: Reopening old topic as its on top of google search with no answer…

Just restart the harvester.

chia start harvester -r

No need to use curl any more, you can simply use the chia rpc harvester refresh_plots.