Community Plotting as a Service 1+€/Plot (Pool Compatible) (directly to S3/Wasabi,Samba/CIFS,RSYNC), or as Download(rsync,ftp,sftp,scp,...)

hello there,

we have been offering plotting services since 17th May.
we can directly send the plots to you on completion, each plotting machine has their own dedicated 1gbit uplink. if your order size is not feasible for us to do alone, we offer these slices to our community , they get 90-95% of the plot price(depends on what services they need from us)

we do also support portable/pooling/nft/singleton plots, for this we need your farmer key and your pooling wallet group contract address

we currently offer three kinds of plotting services

with each method you can pay in small increments if u choose to, like for example for every 10 plots, or every day for the amounts of plots you received,
we accept PayPal and most crypto currencies which are on most common exchange’s
we only need your public farmer and pool key(or pooling wallet group contract address for pooling plots)

  1. we plot → then transfer directly to you

if your destination supports 1gbit, and is easily reachable via rsync/samba/cifs/s3/wasabi/ftp or anything else which may be Linux mountable, or has a simple client(in that case we need to spend some time adding the feature, its non feasible at small orders/requests), we can send them directly to you.

if your destination can be reached via any these methods above price depends on the priority, lowest priority atm is 1€/plot

  1. we plot → upload them to our cloud for you and send you download links(in near future you can get them yourself from the dashboard, for now you get them as often as we can / when you ask :))
    price depends on the priority, lowest priority atm is

  2. You prepay, we commit to a time frame and you receive them in that time frame (most likely a lot faster)
    As either http download or s3/b2 upload
    Starting at 1€/plot (talk with us)

Priority Explained

we do not have unlimited capacity, we use a weighted fair queueing system, explained by example:


customer A pays 1€/plot
and customer B pays 2€/plot
in this example on average, customer b would get ~66.6% of the next plots in the queue, and customer a the other ~33.33%

so even if u only pay 1€ u will get plots, everyone gets some.

we also looking for other plotters we can add to our community, you receive 90-95% of the price a customer pays if we cant make them in time

we can do individual prices for different kinds of needs, just contact us <3

this post is in progress, i would very appreciate for any improvement ideas, just message me

we reachable here, or on discord(MisterOutofTime#4197), or via email(

FYI before buying anything, make sure to check the reputation of the plotting service and, as mentioned in the opening post, never ever give your 24 word mnemonic / private key to anyone if asked :+1:

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We do not require any private informations of anyone, only their public farmer and pool keys, / their pooling nft contract address

Sorry if there been any misunderstandings in my post, could you please point them out so we can correct them?

And outside that u do not pre pay plots at us, you pay after arrival, so I hope we have all your risks covered

OH right I just seen u posting that message under all services.

Yeah, just making sure people consider who they’re doing business with, nothing personal!

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hi im interested please contact me

Contacted you via DM :slight_smile:

(seems like we cant edit the thread starter post)

Added FTP Server as compatible target Destination(as long as they can sustain 1gbit) for Method 1(1+€/plot)

how is it deception to support creating of pooling protocol plots?
thats been possible for a longer time now, the only thing which is missing are the pooling contracts(singleton)
if u happen to have a valid singleton contract address /puzzle hash(which atm mostly some GitHub contributors do for test reasons/early adoption) we can do them for you, if not we wont do them.

its not deception…
chia-blockchain/ at 9cc908678b1255c9a520c322302ba35084676e08 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub
its the -c option when creating plots.
chia-blockchain/ at df7dad863412558edf7d9c64922eb5098d902935 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub

please ruin someone elses day, thank you

pooling contracts are “just” another chialisp programs running on the blockchain…

I’m usually just a silent reader of this forum, but now I’ve signed up to share my experience with “community plotting as a service”.

I wrote to MisterOutofTime in Discord. He answered quickly. We talked about the easiest way to transfer the files to my server. The idea of ​​using FTP as a mounted directory came up.After FTP could also be mounted in the file system (via curlftpfs) the creation of the plots began. I was able to see the status of my plots on a dashboard. However, it was still very buggy :smile:

The finished plots were transferred to my server with up to 1 GBit/s. He was very helpful and so far I am very satisfied. Sure, there is still room for improvement, but the price and the nice contact are convincing.


(since we cant edit the thread for some reason and only see revisions history)

Update: we can now offer plots as Download Option for 2€/plot instead of 3€, and possibly even for 1.5/€ plot at a bigger order volume/for longer term Customers

the 1€/plot S3/B2 Compatible Option(Wasabi/CrowdStorage/BackBlaze as example, all are supported though) seems to be the most popular yet :slight_smile: 75% of all plots go there

Until Sunday 1.5€/plot as download link
If atleast 10 plots or the prospect of ordering more if everything goes the way you like

Offer of 1€/s3/b2 plot compatible storage is still in place

is MisterOutofTime providing decent or legit business?

He never replied I’m afraid

Finally able to edit the thread :slight_smile:

Http download price has been reduced to 1.25€, also added a new offer for time commitments
And we also support sending to ftp servers now :slight_smile:

If you have any special requests please have a chat with us :slight_smile:

I have done business with MisterOutOfTime couple of times with no problems… He even starts uploading before payment… Highly recommended…

Aw thank you for your two orders, glad everything worked out, sorry that I been a bit slower to react some times

1€ per plot as direct download link if more than 5 plots is now available until pooling plots /demand increases