Comparing Profitability of Major Chia Pools

Chia Pool directory keeps track of blocks won versus netspace for the past 7 days.

Not sure why there is a significant gap as over 7 days luck should be around 100%. My suspicion is because some pools better report farmers stales/errors farmers either fix the problems or move off to somewhere that doesn’t report issues and thus are the most profitable per TiB. It could also be that some pools space estimates are off.

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I don’t see luck mentioned on that chart.

You’d assume for the top 5 NFT pools over a 7 day period luck is normalized. You’d expect 5% variances not 15%+

all those pools within a tight range of each other… then that one pool at 1/4 the payout of the others. Nope, noting suspicious there at all… nope… not one bit… :roll_eyes:

Guess they actively unveiled it as that was gonna be blown otherwise.

Not all. TeePool is also low.

Checkout as well, very sus :smiley:

There’s another one on that list I have been alerted to that is at 50% expectation.

When I spoke to the subject of your comment the response was not “I’m sorry” but “check out these other bad actors” and he might not be wrong so I am.