Comparing two NFT pools

I have compared two pools using same number of plots. One income is 0.10 xch the other is 0.13 xch. Is this difference normal? Should I choose the second one for my all plots?

Assess why the difference then make a decision.
Was it luck or something else?

depends a lot on the time of the test and how big the pools are, variance can be significant due to luck. Luck should be less factor with bigger pools but still, you could have a bunch of block come in suddenly skewing your test results if the time is too short

Is there any scientific percentage of luck? Is this difference in normal limits of luck? If not, so the first pool ( which is a very big pool) may have fake accounts?

What I have seen, is that spacepool (im guessing that’s number 1 in your test) is underperforming a bit compared to others.
That can have a multitude of reason though. Maybe they have more underperforming farmers, maybe they have outgrown their server capacity. But from what I have seen in different overviews they seem to produce slightly less than some of the smaller pools.

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Lots to investigate, luck is luck, I’ll not try and explain it.
You were using at least one pplns pool, if they weren’t both pplns that could be a factor, especially since pplns has known issues pooling wise.

Time is 40 days. Both pool is pplns. Same number of plots, on the same Pc. The first pool has 2.83 EiB and the second one has 57,3 PiB.

That’s a pretty good length test I would say. Although the small size of the one pool makes it more susceptible to luck I would think. It would be easier for that pool to have a dry spell or a lucky streak for like a week.
It’s just hard to say. I remember the pool I’m with had around 3 EiB at the beginning and there was a rather mean dry spell of almost two weeks before the first block was found, after that it suddenly all went smoothly.

That said over 40 days, I find 30% difference quite a lot. If you have the income result per day/week you could have a look if the results are different if you look at specific weeks. That might give a better indication if the results are consistent throughout the test period.

little bit offtopic question…

is it possible to farm with same computer, the same wallet and the same NFT plots on 2 different pools at the same time ??

or is it always the combination of solo and pool farm ??

One nft can only be pointed to one place at a time, so solo or pool.
If you want to farm on 2 different pools , just create 2 nft with plots created with both sets of keys.

Yes it is possible by using two NFT s with same number of plots. I started two nfts for two different pools at the same time. I have also OG s for solo.

They’re asking about using 1 nft on multiple pools at once.
This is certainly not possible.

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I went further by creating two more NFT’s pointing to two same pools. I mean now I have two NFT’s for each pool. I see that same pc same wallet, two nft’s get different points from the same pool. I will be calculating the difference after two weeks.

Correct. One nft can be only for one pool but you can change anytime to solo or another pool. I have noticed that same pool can give different points to different nft s on the same pc.

well I did some farming in all larger pools and spacepool underperformed like 5% consistently less compared to some other semi large pools, but well your figures of 0.10 and to 0.13 thats like a 24% difference… that’s HUGE!

also be aware in my tests hpool performed even worse than spacepool, and teepool even more. but these I tested for a shorter period because they performed so bad

this guy does a good job comparing chia pools btw showing the estimated revenue per TB based on public blockchain info compared against self reported netspace. their numbers sort of match my test data (but only top 5 of these pools tested, currently working on smaller ones)

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Good work on the testing.
Im also going to be testing some stuff.
I’m plotting 111 OG plots now because I also have a second NFT with 111 plots.
gonna run some pool vs hpool (because I got tired of discussing this with people who claim they get more there)
After a while I will probably remove the OG plots again, and get a third NFT with same amount of plots to do some good apples to apples comparison between pools.

Nice effort to investigate this important topic by all of the contributors in this thread! Thanks

Thanks for sharing. Before I settle into one or another I can really appreciate the information presented here. If there is any follow-up from the OP that would be great. I’m sure it’s not exactly easy to make determinations when comparing pool A to pool B. I think you are doing something very valuable for everyone involved in farming. I’d be happy to Paypal tip for your efforts! I don’t have enough knowledge but I would be curious about theories. We are involved with something new here so the more we share, the better. I don’t think there is harm or competitive disadvantage from sharing pool result information. If the consensus is that med/small pool can out perform a big pool then it’s not like we will all flock to the same pool after reading some findings. Thanks again OP, I really appreciate it.

I need some help with my math here:

I have 3273 plots in flexpool (323.938 TiB).

Flexpool estimates that I have 356 TB (323.78 TiB) worth of plots - this figure seems to be pretty accurate, but, not surprising since I have 0% invalid shares and only 0.12% stale shares.

Flexpool estimates my rewards to 2.0582 XCH/month. estimates my rewards to be 2.4089 XCH/month (1.2 block rewards/month).

0.25 XCH Block Finder Reward * 1.2 estimated blocks won/month = 0.3 XCH.

Total estimated XCH earnings in flexpool (including XCH Finder Reward) = 2,3611125 XCH/month.

Delta XCH rewards/month chiacalculator – flexpool = 0,05 XCH = ~11$ = 2% lower vs. chiacalculator

My question: Is flexpool taking a hidden 2% fee here or have I missed something in my math? Would not be surprising because how else would they pay their staff?

PS. I have done this calculation several times now the past weeks and it seems to be consistently lower expected XCH wins in flexpool vs. chiacalculator. Since flexpool has an average luck of ~87% (Pool Statistics | shouldn’t the expected XCH earnings be higher vs. chiacalculator?

@Chris22 any response to this?

Talked to Alex about this earlier, the little tooltip on the front page wasn’t accurate. Its being swapped out for " “Estimated earnings are based on the last 24 hours on our pool luck excluded.” So the stat on the front page eliminates luck swings from our estimates.

As for a secret 2% fee, I’m not aware of any. Plus we’d make more from a secret 0.01% fee on our eth pool than a 2% one on Chia I think.

I know for the past 7 days we’ve been about 15% more profitable than other pools if you include our luck. We have no obvious reasons why we’ve been so lucky we assume its just luck.