Comparing two NFT pools

I was on space pool obtaining 0.0101 XCH each 24h, switched to others pools and I’ve been better payed with same number of plots.

Now I’m XCH Pool an they are paying with 0.012 each 24h. This can change in the next day’s maybe. If my payments drops I’ll switch again.


I also have three small NFTs that track three different pools for about a month. Although, results I see are rather mixed (kind of no point to compare a small pool to a large one).

One more option to potentially better track those those pools would be to have us miners push pool operators to show good stats. A good start would be FlexPool stats page. My take is that if a given pool is not willing to update their stats page, there is no point to stick with such pool, and that should potentially be a good motivation for those pool operators. An ideal option would be if Chia UI would show the same stats (abbreviated), but seen from Chia network point of view, in the pool info.