Complete List of 130 Chia Pools

This is the complete list of Chia pools that you would ever find. The list contains:

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It’s not complete if it doesn’t include

lol where is findchia?

Some of the location countries is wrong. There are not that many based in the USA. Some listed as the USA are incorrect.

For a better list of pools, go to: Chia (XCH) PoST | Mining Pools

Thanks for listing us!

We will have a real-time pool info API up soon.

Do you have to have live pool stats like

Many thanks for doing this :slight_smile:

Which locations are you referring to?

Find Chia is on #92. Please use search bar and type “Find Chia” to find it.

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Please check again use search bar or see #41

you are welcome, that would be awesome

yeah srry found it, I just thought like its strange that this pool isn’t listed here so I asked

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What about They have almost 900 farmers atm

it’s on #75

ah, searched for Chiamine, and couldnt find it. That explains it :slight_smile:

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New pool used them very honest

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0% fee + 1 extra chia to share!

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Hey nice list! thanks for sharing!

Hello. Location of the RUPOOLproject is Russia

thanks for the update

Hey thanks. Please check back soon

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