Completely delete chia from computer

I used uninstaller program to delete chia. then I also deleted the C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain folder.

then i installed chia 1.1.7. When I run it, it is opened in sync with my wallet information. what did i do wrong Is data stored in another location?

The DB and other install data is stored in the c: \ users \ name \ .chia folder.

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and delete


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thank you all. Iā€™m compiling for those who need it.

C:\Users\name\.chia folder

you need to delete chia folders

also, You need to delete the chia in this location.
Control Panel\User Accounts\Credential Manager


In Windows remember that you still have your master key stored in the system Credentials Manager. So to leave a computer totally clean you need to delete the key from there.

come on,
how do i delete it.

The same as with any other Windows credential, Control Panel-> Credential Manager-> Windows Credentials (or whatever it is called in your local language if it is not English)

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thanks, i found it. it was useful information.

you are the man mate! Thx a lot