Compressed Plots are not creating proofs

I currently have my main farmer which is a dell workstation with
Intel I7 4core CPU
All the plots on this workstation are uncompressed NFT Plots

I also have an HP Z440 Workstation which is my Harvester.
14 Core Xeon CPU
All Plots on this workstation are compressed C7 NFT Plots that I created with Bladebit CUDA that came preinstalled in the latest Chia 2.0

Both workstation are running Chia 2.0

They are both configured to decompress with the GPU.

The problem I am having is that the Z440 workstation are not showing any proofs found and therefor none of my plots are registering on the pool. Only 40TB is showing in my pool which is the size of the uncompressed plots. The other 60TB I have of compressed plots are not showing up.

Does anyone else having this issue?
Any ideas what I should do to fix this?


Yes plenty of people have that issue, and the main reason is they don’t have the correct settings on the harvester tab.

PS. I hope you didn’t use Windows 10 and Chia 2.0.0 to plot them, as they are likely all invalid.

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That is the way mine is configured.

I did use Windows 10, Will that not work?

No, there was a bug, the version here will work, but its stand alone and you need to use the command line, or wait for Chia 2.1 to land.


Thanks for the information. I did not know. I guess I will do the command line stuff.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually easier. I save a copy of the command in Notepad.

If you’re up for it, switch to ubuntu, will plot much faster

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Be careful - a bug was discovered 5 days ago and made more known as of yesterday - Plots being made with Chia 2.0 was making invalid plots. I made 500TB of invalid plots and had to delete them yesterday.

Check your harvester logs. If the harvester tries to check for proofs, you will get an error. Also if you run BladeBit Simulate and you get an error, you know you made bad compressed plots with 2.0.


or you have harvester that looks ok, but there is no load on GPU

Interesting is, when I switch to tourist stuff RTX 3060 Ti there is some movement in plot decompression. Perhaps the Quadro M4400 is not supported. Despite there are no errors, and all seems to be ok

I had to reinstall Chia to get 2.1.1 installed, from scratch for some reason. I totally forgot that this setting needed to be updated again with the new installation. Thank you for your post, you saved me a lot of time reminding me of this!!!

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