Compressed plots giveaway

Hello friends!

I was thinking, that not many people can play with compressed plots to figure out their hardware capabilities and project potential required upgrades due to gpu-plotter requirements.

I’m offering c1-c9 bladebit compressed plots for free. 1 plot for each c-level.

Hope it will inspire someone to upgrade to face new technical challenges :slight_smile:

Happy farming everyone!

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I have 6000 gpu plots gigahorse. First server 96 GB DDR4 gtx 3060 12 GB farmer/plotter, created plot 9 min. Next server harvester/plotter, hp dl 380p gen gpu 192 GB ram, quadro m4000 8 GB, crested plot 9.5 min. Official chia app + gigahorse. Next only plotter 64 GB ram and gtx 3060. Created plots 8.5 min. All pc high speed nvme disk 1 TB XPG gamming blade s70.


My setup here: