Compromised plots and double-farming detection

Here’s a thought experiment…

Let’s say I suspect my data, including plots and private keys, to be compromised.

Let’s say I am not 100% certain, and certainly not to the point of throwing away $xx,000 worth of plots based on suspicion alone.

Is there a way, theoretically speaking, that I, as a farmer, can detect that my plots are being “double-farmed”? (edit to clarify: farmed at the same time by somebody else)

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I think the notion of double-farming is more of farming for twice the resource gain for the same resource that would otherwise deserve one. For example, farming Burst and BTCHD using the same plots would be double-farming.

I don’t think you can detect that you are double farmed if your plots and private keys are compromised, but it wouldn’t be advantageous for anyone to farm those plots of yours. If one were to copy your plots and farm them themselves, they would be farming for coins that will end up in a wallet you control(you have the keys), then reaping the reward becomes a matter of who can get the transactions that moves those coins to a private wallet to the blockchain first.

I wouldn’t keep farming those plots though, just because others won’t farm those plots for you doesn’t mean someone isn’t keeping an eye out for rewards harvested by those plots.


I think that’s almost accurate. If two people were harvesting from the same plots, and both had the farmer private key, then I think whichever farmer signs the block and sends it to the network first that would be able to determine the payout address. Until you’ve lost a block to a faster farmer, I don’t know that there’s a way to detect this situation though. Nothing is going to be reported to the network until a proof is found.

If you’re concerned, I would start replotting the space to a new set of keys that you do control. I wouldn’t throw it all in the wood chipper immediately just on suspicion though.