Computer laggy even when doing 1 plot (5% CPU usage)

Hi. I’m new to farming and I was wondering why my computer is really laggy even though I am only doing 1 plot (K32) onto a HDD that is not my bootdrive and its only using ~5% CPU with plenty of RAM left?

Computer specs:
-32 GB ram
-Asus X570-F gaming mobo
-RTX 3080


That is odd, I sense no lag on any computers when doing plotting, even quite a lot of plotting.

Maybe try plotting to a different drive for a bit and see if that changes things? I/O weirdness can definitely cause problems in my experience.

Thanks I’ve figured it out. For some reason I had around 16GB of ram allocated to “standby” and that wasn’t being released to create free ram. Once I restarted the computer and all the “standby” ram turned back into 16GB of free ram and now it’s no longer lagging.