Configless blockchain backup

Hello, in theory, the new release 1.2.0 with the pooling support has a “Configless blockchain backup” feature.

This means that I don’t need to setup my pooling again and if I use the same key (24 words) on another node it will sync automatically and I don’t have to configure it again.

But in my case it is not happening. I have a second node (different network) using the same key and I don’t see the pool I already joined on the other node.

Any ideas?

IMPORTANT: If you are using the same key (24 words) on more than one computer, you should update both computers to 1.2+ before creating your plot NFT. If you have already created the plot NFT and the second computer is running a version older than 1.2, it will not be able to see the plot NFT. This can be fixed by shutting down the application on the second computer, and deleting the ~/.chia/wallet/db folder and all files inside of it.

This is from:

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Thanks!!! That solved the issue