Confusing about wallet address, receive address, wallet ID

First, I asked to send some xch to my wallet address, then used this wallet to create NFT for plotting for pool. Reward address in pool set to the wallet receive address, (as return by command “chia wallet get_address”). Here’s the result after 2 months pooling (view with

  1. Wallet address: show only one transaction from faucet (0.0000000001 XCH).
  2. Wallet receive address: all rewards from pool (lots of transactions).

Beside, “chia wallet show” command show 2 wallet IDs: standard one has all rewards from pool, minus the transaction from faucet, pooling one has nothing.

So my questions are:

  1. What are these wallet IDs? A single wallet can have multiple IDs? Why pooling ID doesn’t have any mojos, while the standard one has all?
  2. Why with my wallet address show only one transaction from faucet, nothing from pool, where as viewing my receive address show all pool transaction, but not the one from faucet? I suppose all transaction must be there when explore the wallet, isn’t it right?

The very same wallet can have (if you like) thousands of different IDs. If copied from the same wallet, all the different IDs (addresses) goes to the same wallet.

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Then why show only 100 mojos I got from faucet, while it show dozens of transactions from pool rewards with the receive address?

Chia explorers can see each address ID, but not all IDs linked to the same wallet together.
To see that, save the address ID you used, and always use that one, too see everything going on.

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I understood now. Actually, chia get_transactions somehow limit to 50 latest transactions, hence my confusion. I wrote a script to fetch all transactions directly from wallet’s DB, which run much faster and leave no transaction behide. I’ve posted it here.