Connecting to wallet - plots are running i checked, but are they valid?

Hello everyone,
my first post here, so asking for indulgence. Thanks :slight_smile:

Im running plotting. All is ok. During this I join mybook external drive with plots from other computer ( wallet the same ). Then I order RELOAD. During it reloding stucks. BUT … when I look into Task manager - all works. So CPU is busy, time to time computer relocate plots from NVME to HDD. I have 12 plots in line, I dont want to waste it, by deleting NVME after PC boot.

Questions are:

  • can I somehow push forward reloding ( force doesnt work)
  • will those created plots will be … valid ?
    I use: windows 10, Ryzen 9, Chia 1.1.6
    Thx 4 help
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Are the plots being created? You can check them for validity at the command line via the plot check command.

yes plots are being created. However 2 weeks ago i hade similiar situation and looks like those plots were not accepted…

In principle those plot processes once launched can run independent ,of the GUI. You can check their logs for progress.

Thank you codinghorror and Yae for your quick response ! I ll try learn and do like you adviced using cmd.
No I have other problem. I have 10 different HDD, and plots takes over 100 TiB. But … Chia farming see … only 76 Tib. WTF is going on ? All were ploted using the same account (seeds) . System shows that 9 plots are invalid. But even if 9 invalid it is still only 0.6 Tib. I should have 30 Tib more “in use”. All plots are plots, not temporary plots.