Considering joining a pool...questions?

So I have started plotting a few weeks back and everything has been going smooth.

I have tried google, wikipedia and github and can’t seem to find a straight answer to a simple question.

If I join a pool via the GUI:

1 - Will I be able to? Will I have to replot? It appears no, since I am new?

2 - Will I be able to leave a pool freely if I decide to go solo again in the future?

It’s a little strange how convoluted things are in terms of information scattered all around. I appreciate all the help this forum has provided, it’s so far been the best source of information for newbie questions!

edit: It looks like I might have had to select a pool on the “add plot” section.

Get the lasts version of the chia client. You’ll have to make Nft plots to pool.

There are likely several good YouTube guides.

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I just realized this in the “add plot” section. How strange, but no worries. I am not interested in replotting just to join a pool. I’m in this for the long haul

Long haul is probably nft plots but yes no rush.

There are nft pools and og pools, so you don’t need to replot no matter what.
You just need to figure out if you have created nft plots or og plots and join the right type of pool.

Yes, but you may need to check / ammend your payout addresses after you leave to make sure you get the rewards.

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I don’t know the exact terminology.

I created plots without joining any pools in the GUI and then with madmAx via powershell on the other machines.

I’m assuming these are not NFT plots.

Thanks for all the help

You can create either type of plots that way, so its not so simple.

Look at your pool tab, if you made nft plots, you will see a nft on that tab, and it will say how many plots are allocated to it.

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Nope, just “join a pool”

So to get to the bottom of this. Am I screwing myself in the long term? I’m only about 5% through all my plotting so if hard choices have to be made now I am open to ideas.

I’ve tried to future proof myself as much as possible, but tbh the documentation surrounding this project are scattered all over the place. Without this forum I would have been more lost than I am.

Your not screwed at all, I still have a mix of og and nft plots.

If I were you I’d create a nft, not pool specific, one for solo, and then start plotting to that. You need 1 mojo to create the nft.

You will need to alter your madmax startup line and change one of the codes you entered there. That will allow you to create plots to that nft to make pooling simpler and safer.

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