Constant Blockchain DB File Corruption

It seems like about everytime I get my blockchain file back up to sync it becomes corrupt again and everything goes out of sync. I literally can’t keep things up and running.

My boot drive is an hdd so I’m switching to a 500 GB SSD hoping that will help. I’m also just going to plot everything out with a corrupt blockchain file at this point and then once I have enough plots I’ll resync it because at this point stopping my plots to constantly try to download the blockchain db over and over is getting super annoying.

Are you guys experiencing this? I just had it happen again when I logged into my computer. Just logging in seemed to somehow corrupt the file.

It’s so frustrating. Is sqlite really the best method to store the blockchain?.. That’s like something I would do as a very beginner programmer. Is there any way to store it with maybe parity data or a hash for every 50k blocks or something so it can at least verify the majority of the db and not start over every time one block is corrupt?

What kind of error are you getting / what tells you the DB is corrupt?
Haven’t heard anyone with corrupted DB before, at least not systemic.

Why would you stop plotting to resync the DB? It will slow down a bit sure, but should be able to run both at the same time.

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Error with sqlite and an error concerning the wallet. I’m sure it’s the DB file because the only way to fix it is by resyncing from nothing.

I’m switching to an SSD and hoping that fixes things. I think maybe the drives I’m using are just too slow to use as a boot drive and chia node. I think I need to run chia/linux on an SSD.

Yeah, DB corruption is concerning. I’ve been through many re-sync because of that.

Now, I have another node that’s fully sync also. When the DB corruption occurs, I can just copy the DB from the non-corrupted node so I don’t have to sync again for hours or days.

Would you be able to show me how to do this please

Since August I had a few different systems run my full node and never had db corruption. I probably only synced from scratch 2 times. I had windows vm on regular disks. Bsd jail on regular disks. Ubuntu on regular disk. And now runs a Ubuntu vm on ssd and it has been up for > 90 days no corruption. I’m currently running 1.2.11

  1. Make sure you stop all Chia processes first.
  2. Locate the data that you want to move. …
  3. Copy the folders “db” and “wallet” and paste them in the location you want to store them, for example D:\Chia_Blockchain.

I know this doesn’t directly solve the problem, but if you/anyone need to recover quickly from a corrupted database, check out Elysium Pool’s Chia Blockchain Bootstrap to download a copy of the blockchain and get back up and running quickly!