Converting a GPU to a PCI x1 slot?

Theres not a “hardware” section to post, so I guess I will try here. I replaced my Ryzen 3 2200g (integrated graphics) with a Ryzen 7 1700. Since the 1700 didn’t have integrated graphics, I bought a cheap graphics card to throw in. I put it in my only available x16 pcie slot.

I am wanting to put another NVME in that slot, and want to know if I could buy an x8 to x1 adapter and put my graphics card on there instead? Would the graphics card run off of x1? The graphics card is Nvidia GT 730 2GB DDR3, and only uses x8, but it occupies my x16.

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In general, yes it should run on a X1 slot, if it can fit as some x1 slots are open ended to allow bigger cards to fit.
But check around to get some second opinion, because I never tried myself

adapters like that do exist, for example:

If this is a dedicated plotter/harvester then you could run it headless and access it remotely from another machine, then you won’t need to bother with graphics at all.

I run such a setup where i needed a slot but my MB would not boot headless - one of the mining/USB adaptors did the trick

This is a good question… I also resent that I have to buy a video card and put it in my 5950x systems, thus occupying the single 16x slot … so converting to PCI x1 is an interesting solution! Thanks for bringing it up!

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Just to mention it:
There are also pcie X1 graphics cards out there, I just bought one for 12,50 secondhand from someone to free up my x16 slot.

Interesting. What kind of card is it? I just need something I can hook my hdmi or VGA cord into

The one I have is an AMD HD 45xx card don’t remember the exact number but it has vga and hdmi. Also some geforce gt 710 are pcie x1

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Yeah, I use those Zotac PCIe x1 GT710 cards myself, they work great.

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