Couple of rigs- how to set up?

Hi Guys,
I’ve build one machine recently based on Ryzen 5700x 32Gb and 10TB.
Another 72TB HDD are on the way.
Im planning to build 3 machines like this.
What would be best way to configure them?
I mean should I think about a pool or seperate wallets?

Generate a master wallet and set the rewards wallet for the farmer and the pool of each machine to that master wallet. The machines can run with their own keys but you can consolidate the rewards. Just remember not to run all the machines in Full Node mode on the same LAN.

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why you shouldn’t run machines with full node on the same LAN? I just copied multiple system ssds with my wallet and node and started plotting and farming… it won’t work or what? Later I’m planning to do 1 main farming machine and separate plotters hm, I got info that when I plot and farm under the same farmer public key I should be fine

If they’re all running a Full Node they will take up peer slots on each other’s list. There has also been reports that it causes sync issues and missed signage points in the log with them.

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oh I see but nevermind, it does affect only farming not plotting … I can plot also while not synced right? I registered some syncing issues that might be true

Right, it only affects farming. And yes, you can plot not synced.

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